A Few Words About Us

CIVITAS PRIMOS Ltd is a UK based coffee wholesaler. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with the highest quality coffee possible. We do this by ensuring our coffee has a high quality traceability process which we call ‘Farm Origin Coffee’. We source the best, ethically traded coffee in the world and, through developing a highly methodical approach to the coffee beans with the highest focus on quality control, bring them to our customers.

How We Work

Our Coffee is grown by the local Ugandan farmers and handled naturally througout the harvest process.
It is grown organically and hand picked by the farmers to preserve the natural taste. The coffee beans are arranged by a sorting unit, and received by a group of workers, to remove any discolored and defective beans.It is then screened in sizes, graded into four quality categories and certified for export. Our four coffee quality categories are:

  • AA
  • A
  • PB
  • B

Enjoy the Elgon Pride

Bugisu Coffee

Experience The Amazing & Rich Flavour

Our Products

Coffee Beans

The Arabica coffee in Bugisu grows on volcanic soils. The beans have smooth, mild sweet aroma, refined acidity and pleasantly lingering good aftertaste. It’s grown on small gardens owned by individual farmers.


We are in touch with a vast number of vanilla farmers across the country who produce quality vanilla for export.