About Us

A Few Words About Us

CIVITAS PRIMOS Ltd is the UK based coffee wholesaler. Our philosophy is simple- to provide our customers with the highest quality coffee possible. We do this by ensuring our coffee has a high quality traceability process which we call ‘Farm Origin Coffee’. We source the best, ethically traded coffee in the world and, through developing a highly methodical approach to the coffee beans with the highest possible focus on quality control, bring them to our customers.

Our Motivation

We strongly believe that there is no short-cut to quality. We have partnered directly with over 3000 farmers, based in the Mount Elgon region, in Uganda. We draw upon our close working relationship with these local farmers, coupled with our vast experience in the coffee industry, to source the finest product range for our customers without compromising the quality. Our coffee beans are hand picked, packed and quality controlled in Uganda to ensure only the finest and highest quality coffee beans make our range.

Simply put, our credo is to: obtain the highest quality coffee possible, and ensure the farmers are rewarded fairly and invest in the community.

Bugisu Coffee

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