How we work

CIVITAS PRIMOS has been built on the philosophy of ethically-traded coffee. Our coffee is grown in Uganda, in excellent coffee farming conditions. We only work with partners who actively engage in promoting sustainability and community based improvements.

It is our mission and responsibility to ensure we pay the farmers and local communities in Uganda above the fair trade price, in return for a high quality product. We are in particular focused on two main objectives: Equality for women and Sustainable development. We achieve this by committing to give back to local projects and initiatives.

Farmer groups
Community Projects
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Committed Partners.

By trading ethically, it means the farmers are able to invest in their farms, machinery and working environment, which results in high quality products. Our team of experienced staff focuses on key areas that include quality control, sourcing, export processing and logistics. Ethical trading is imperative to CIVITAS PRIMOS to ensure improvements are sustainable and rewards are shared throughout the local communities.

Corperate Responsibilty

Sustainability: Corporate Social and Economic Responsibility

Enviroment preservation

CIVITAS PRIMOS Ltd is working on a number of programs that are designed to fit into activities which strengthen the economic and social development status of local farming communities collectively. Our goals stretch far to cause a positive impact in climate through our environmental activities. We encourage our farmers to preserve the environment through preserving forest land and tree planting.

Empowering Women Groups

Women continue to play a vital role in the production of coffee in the Elgon region although many do not get opportunity to do direct trade due to marginalisation and inferiority complex. CIVITAS PRIMOS Ltd is working with local support groups to empower young women by providing seedlings, training and farm inputs to enhance their production capacity.

Supporting Communities

We are ethically committed in helping the farming communities thrive through harsh conditions that may deter their steadfast progress and cause under performance in agricultural production. CIVITAS PRIMOS Ltd offers support to these vulnerable communities through our outreach projects at grass root level which impact and add hopes to the farming communities lives day by day.

Water access & Sanitation

CIVITAS PRIMOS Ltd is also working closely with local community projects, that provide clean accessible and free clean drinking water. This is an absolute necessity for the farming communities. We provide gravity water which originates from within spring water wells. We also ensure all communities, in particular those in low lying areas, schools and busy centers have access to clean water.

Supporting Youth Farmers.

Youths are the most energetic yet highly unemployed group in the Elgon region and Uganda at large. CIVITAS PRIMOS Ltd is working closely with local youth startup groups,to provide start up support such as seedlings, trainings and market to young farmers in the region to encourage them in agricultural production.

Improving Education

CIVITAS PRIMOS Ltd harbours and shares the vision of ensuring everyone has access to education, to ensure people can break the cycle of poverty and live a hopeful and prosperous future. We are achieving this, by ensuring students/pupils are provided with tuition fees, learning materials such as books, pens and uniforms so that they can attend school.