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Arabica Coffee

Our Bugisu Arabica Ripe red coffee cherries are picked neatly around the slopes of Mt.Elgon in Uganda. Its wet Processing involves; Pulping, fermenting, washing thoroughly with clean water and drying the wahsed beans on wire mesh placed two meters above the ground to avoid contamination and preserve the natural taste.
The coffee beans are arranged by a sorting unit, and received by a group of workers, to remove any discolored and defective beans.It is then screened in sizes, graded into four quality categories and certified for export

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Robuster coffee beans

Commonly know as coffe acanepora, Robusta Coffee makes up 90% of Uganda's total production and its grown around lake Victoria region. Unlike the Coffea Arabica with track roots from Malawi in 20th century Robusta coffee is indigenous to Uganda as it was one of the first wild plants discovered in 1860 around lake Victoria.
The coffee is processed and quantified in the following export quality grades.

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We supply fresh quality vanilla beans from Uganda. The vanila comes in different quantity scales and grades.

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